Greeting of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Quality Congress 2018 of the year!

greeting of the Chairman The organizing committee of the Asian Quality Congress 2018 of the year!

ladies and gentlemen!

We are honored to organize and to hold the next 16th Asian Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan 19-20 September 2018 g.

We will be glad to meet in Almaty, financial, scientific and cultural center of Kazakhstan, All delegates and guests of the Congress, arriving to exchange advanced experience and knowledge in the areas of quality management, organizational excellence, benchmarking, innovations, risk management, professional and information security and many other areas of management.

We will make our best efforts, that Congress has passed in understanding atmosphere, goodwill, professionalism and openness. We hope, that this Congress will be an important event not only for Kazakhstan managers and specialists, but also all of its foreign participants.

The program of action provides for the creation of conditions for artistic value creation as the representatives of the public administration system, financial sector, industry, as well as education, Science, Health and social services.

The main topics of keynote speeches internationally renowned scientists, Quality professionals, as well as statements in the plenary and parallel sessions will be topical issues of the process of production management, practical aspects of the application of modern production management model, innovation and familiarity with international best practices.

An important task of the Congress is to create conditions for creative exchange of new ideas on the most important aspects of the corporate culture of quality, tiered system of leadership in companies, improve the efficiency of personal and teamwork. The focus of the presentations and discussions will be issues of increasing the competitiveness of products and services, as well as the sustainable development of the organizations and the economy as a whole.

We expect the participation of more than 300 delegates from 20 countries of the world, representing the National Organization for Quality, professional associations and unions, as well as the organization of public administration, business, researchers, students and other.

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity not only for training, but also the exchange of experiences in the field of environmental protection, Corporate Social Responsibility, improve the quality of services, new technologies, achieve satisfaction the organization's stakeholders, Standardization and Certification. In the same time, perfect platform will be set up for participants to build friendships and partnerships, the beginning of a new fruitful cooperation with the representatives of not only the Asian continent, but also in other regions of the world.

On behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee I would like to appeal to all the professionals and the quality of everyone to come to our city and to take an active part in the Congress.


Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov

Chairman of the Board ANQ, Academician of the International Academy of Quality



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