Member Organization

Member Organization

  • BSTQM Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management
  • CAQ China Association for Quality
  • CSQ Chinese Society for Quality, Chines Taipei
  • DQG Dubai Quality Group
  • HKSQ Hong Kong Society for Quality
  • KOQIM Kazakh Organization for Quality and Innovation Management
  • ISQ Indian Society for Quality
  • IQMA Indonesian Quality Management Associate
  • ISQM Iranian Society of Quality Managers
  • JSQC Japanese Society for Quality Control
  • KSQM Korean Society for Quality Management
  • NQPCN Network for Quality Productivity and Competitiveness of Nepal
  • QPSP Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan
  • ROQ Russian Organisation for Quality
  • SQI Singapore Quality Institute
  • SQAT The standards and Quality Association of Thailand
  • VQAH Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City


Affiliated Member

KSA Korean Standards Association
QCI Quality Council of India


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