Kazakh Organization for Quality and Innovation Management (KOQIM) is the only national partner of many international organizations in Kazakhstan such as European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), European Organization for Quality (EOQ), Asian Network for Quality (ANQ), Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), International Contest «Quality Innovation of the Year». KOQIM is the chair of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ).


Our Vision

The main goal of KOQIM is to create and strengthen a regional infrastructure aimed at developing quality and innovation of organizations and enterprises by increasing their competitiveness in local and international markets. This infrastructure includes the following elements such as:

  • Conducting regional and international forums concerning to problems and achievements in the field of quality as well as promotion other international management systems, modern approaches and methodologies for quality;
  • Conducting the international seminars for managers and specialists for quality with a visiting of economically developed countries of the world such as Japan, Sweden, France, Italy, Singapore, China, etc;
  • Provision of consulting services for enterprises and organizations interested in implementation of modern management systems based on ISO standards;
  • Provision of certification services for management systems recognized by the international bodies in compliance with requirements of ISO international standards;
  • Provision of services for personnel competence enhancement in the field of modern management systems as well as objective assessment of such personnel compliance;
  • Provision of services for implementation and promotion of the European Model for Business Excellence EFQM and other licensed products of this organization, including training of specialists on courses for experts in accordance with assessment of European Model for Business Excellence EFQM;
  • Provision of services for implementation and promotion of innovative management systems as well as training for specialists in terms of innovative management.

Our Mission

The main mission of KOKIM is to assist companies and organizations in achievement of high competitiveness of products and services as well as to strengthen consumer and other stakeholders’ trust in such products and services through implementation of modern approaches, methods and tools to achieve quality and development of innovations.

Our Strategy

Creation of a functional national and international network of professionals in the field of quality as well as maintenance of this network as a non-profit institution of civil society.

Our goals

Creation, exchange and getting the knowledge and experience in the field of quality and innovation for their subsequent application in order to increase the products competitiveness and services of Kazakhstan production.

Our activity

Development of knowledge and experience sharing in the field of quality and innovation based on the international best practices. Participation at national and international conferences as delegates and experts. Interaction with national forums and societies of other countries on issues of quality and innovation. We believe in our three core values such as harmony, integrity and peace.

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