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Almaty is the largest metropolis and southen capital of Kazakhstan. Almaty is a scientific, educational, cultural, historical, financial and economic and manufacturing center of Kazakhstan.

The city is situated in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the south-east of Kazakhstan at the foot of the Tien Shan mountains at an altitude of 700-1100 meters above sea level. In Almaty, in the homeland of the famous apple cultivar “Almaty Aport” more than eight thousand hectares of the city territory are occupied by gardens, parks, squares and boulevards. There is Ile-Alatau National Park in the vicinity of Almaty. There are nature reserves on Park’s territory. The natural complex of this region promotes various types of tourism prosperity.

Almaty is the most important transport hub of rail, road and pipeline transport in Central Asia. The city has food, light and heavy industries. The special status is attached to the city by fact that the head offices of the largest Kazakhstan banks and branches of transnational financial institutions and companies are located in Almaty.

The mountains are a favorite resting-place for local residents and tourists of Almaty. In winter they are attracted by winter outdoor activities such as toboggan and ski routes, but in summer – green flowering lawns. It is easy to get to the top of Kok-Tube by cable car. From this picturesque place, providing a full panorama of southern capital, tourist and guests can observe with interest big city life. Furthermore, they can taste delicious dishes of Kazakh national cuisine there.

Almaty is rightly considered as cultural center of Kazakhstan. There are 270 cultural organizations work in Almaty. Among them 10 theaters, 7 concert halls, philharmonic, 11 orchestras, 13 ensembles. There are 32 museums, 20 art galleries, 39 libraries, 2 children’s art houses, 115 history architecture monuments. Also, the largest film studio in Kazakhstan that called as “Kazakhfilm” as well as Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay, which one of the leading opera theaters in Kazakhstan is located in Almaty.

Medeo is a picturesque valley, located about 15 km from Almaty. In addition to remarkable nature of these places, there are other interesting sightseeing such as Medeo mountain outdoor speed skating and bandy rink and Chimbulak ski resort.

Also, Big Almaty Lake is located from Almaty 15 km to the south, a high-altitude reservoir situated in the Zailiysky Alatau at an altitude of 2511 metres above sea level. Big Almaty Lake is part of Ile-Alatau National Park.

300 kilometers from the city is located Kolsai gorge, famous for its Kolsai lakes. Kolsay lakes are also called as pearl of the Northern Tien Shan. Kolsai lakes consist of three high-mountain lakes with steep, overgrown Tien-Shan spruce slopes located in the spurs of the Kungei-Alatau Ridge.

Tamgaly-Tas natural boundary is located on the right bank of Ili River in 170 kilometers to the north-west from Almaty. It means “Stones with signs”. The natural boundary consists of huge cliffs up to 60 metres with many petroglyphs, images of mysterious deities and late Buddhist inscriptions. There are approximately a thousand rock images among petroglyphs. The most famous are images of Buddha Shakyamuni, Infinite Light of Buddha Amitabha and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva of Infinite Sympathy. Despite on Buddhist drawings and inscriptions, there is a stone with ancient Turkic runic letters dated by VIII-IX centuries, supposedly left by the Kipchaks tribes.

The Charyn canyon is situated near China border about 195 km east of Almaty. It is an unique nature monument, which consists of pillars and rock formations, whose age is more than 12 million years!

Almaty is rightfully considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia.

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