ANQ 2018 Best Paper

ANQ 2018 Best Paper
SN Name Country Title of Presentation
1 Tamai Taishi Japan A Case Study on Process Analysis of Parts Processing with Various Geometric
2 Nishio Yuri Japan
A new analytical model for customer growth considering potential purchasing
Jin Lu- Japan Japan
Optimal policy for Periodic Inspections with Flexible Imperfect Inspection
4 Iwasawa Tatsuya Japan Robust Defect Detection for Automatic Inspection System
Ohkubo Maseto Japan
Anomaly detection in contaminated unit space using the Mahalanobis-Taguchi
6 Siriwan Juangtragoon Thailand Smart Qulity Assurance Process
7 Nipaporn Thakerngwat Thailand Carbon Credits an Approach Towards Sustanability in PTT Gas Business Unit
8 Jittipun Lawanvorawong Thailand Create the unique of product with staming prodess improvement
9 Udsanee Meerasertsagood Thailand Evaluation the potential of embossing machines for the production ofartificial leathe
sample to reduce costs
10 Too Meng Ken Singapore
Improvement of Credit Risk Management
In The Mining Industry Through Lean Six Sigma Methodology
11 Dhiren Patnaik India Implementing Theory of Constraints in Enhancing the throughput of Coal Grinding
Mill by 30 % at I Blast Furnace

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