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Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov
President of Kazakhstan Organization for Quality and Innovation Management, Ph.D, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Quality (the USA), asessor, validator and licensed the European Foundation for Quality Management Trainer (EFQM, Belgium), Lead Auditor for quality systems, environmental management, Occupational Safety and Health, energy management (AFNOR, France) and the Republic of Kazakhstan, Expert of Award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa".
Asian Model of Excellence in Performance in action
Prof. Mohamed Zairi
Prof. Mohamed Zairi was born in Algeria in 1956 but has lived and worked in the United Kingdom for many years. After postgraduate studies at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, he accepted a teaching appointment at the School of Management, University of Bradford, where he is currently professor emeritus. He was appointed to the Sabic Chair in Best Practice Management in 1995, which he held until 2004. He was subsequently selected for the Juran Chair, which is funded by the Government of Dubai in the form of a Consortium. He is also the Executive Chairman of European Centre for Best Practice Management based in Bradford, England. He is founder and chair of the Zairi Institute, an organisation designed to disseminate the Best Management philosophy and techniques more widely.
Defining the Role of Quality in an Uncertain Future: The Disruptive Thinking of Quality 4.0
Janardan Ghimire
The current President of Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN).
He is one of the founder members of NQPCN, which was established in Nepal in the year 2004.
Mr. Ghimire is a Management Postgraduate. Having worked with United Nations Development Program in the late 80’s, he moved towards being a computing entrepreneur in the early 90’s by establishing SofTech Computing institution, which still continues to serve the computing industry under his leadership. He is a strong believer in Quality and foresees that the World present and tomorrow will be the world for “Quality of products and services". The ANQ Congress 2017 successfully concluded under his leadership in Nepal as the host country.
Transforming institutional excellence through hands-on approach
Claes-Eric Berlin
Claes Berlin has been active in the international space business for 35 years with employment at SAAB Space, SAAB ERICSSON Space and when the business was taken over in 2007 by a Swiss owner.
Claes was assigned as an industrial professor at the University of Borås for 3 years and invited to develop a course in Business Process Management and teach at IHM during several years. Claes also acted as guest lecturer at several other universities and colleges in Sweden and Europe, all with demonstrated high pedagogic and educational ability.
In 2011, Claes started his own international company and business as “Consultant and Executive Advisor in Operation Excellence and Business Process Management” supporting clients in active development and operation in Processes as “Eye-openers”, Crises Management and complete process-based management systems.
The business process management from WHAT to HOW
Prof. Wan Seon Shin
Professor of Systems Management Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University. He is president of the Korean Society for Public Enterprises and director for the National Evaluation Team of Korean public enterprises. He was former president of the Korean Society for Quality Management (KSQM) and board member of Samsung Engineering Corporation. He earned his doctoral degree in the department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, USA.
His teaching and research interests include quality management, service strategy, and strategic decision making.
Korean Way for Excellence
in Quality
Mr. Danny Lin
Chief Strategic Branding Consultant of China Association for Quality (CAQ).
For years, Danny has successfully helped various Chinese and global corporations to build their precious brand equity by the innovative idea Total Brand Management, which has profoundly influenced China’s quality and branding arena.
Education Background:
2000-2002 - MBA in Branding, The University of Hull, The United Kingdom
Working Experience:
2002-2016 - Branding Consultant of CAQ
2016-2018 - Chief Strategic Branding Consultant of CAQ
Honors & Publication:
1) Member of Think Tank of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC
2) Chief Editor of Total Brand Management
3) Author of Enlightening Stories of British Strategic Branding.
Total Brand Management in China
Changkun Yan
Vice President at Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company.
Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing PLA University of Technology (formerly known as Nanjing Institute of Communication Engineering).
Master’s degree from Nanjing PLA University of Technology (formerly known as Nanjing Institute of Communication Engineering).
From 1983 to 1985 - Teaching Assistant at Nanjing PLA University of Technology (formerly known as Nanjing Institute of Communication Engineering).
From 1988 to 1990 - Lecturer at Nanjing PLA University of Technology (formerly known as Nanjing Institute of Communication Engineering).
From 1991 to 2012 - Consecutively served as sales representative, technical manager, commercial department manager, sales director, general manager of Fibre Business Unit at Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company.
YOFC Intelligent Manufacturing
Mr. Juhani Anttila
Mr. Juhani Anttila was graduated at Helsinki University of Technology 1967 (M.Sc. - E. Eng.) and completed General Management Programme for Specialists at Cranfield School of Management, UK 1997. He has been International Academician for Quality (Member of the International Academy for Quality) from 1995.
He has been broadly involved with national and international standardization, e.g. since 1980 as a member of the committee ISO TC 176 (ISO 9000 standards) and of the corresponding national committee. He has been expert of quality in many national and international projects including developing countries. 1990-94 he was the chairman of the criteria committee of the Finnish National Quality Award, and 1993 Assessor of the European Quality Award (EFQM).
Mr. Anttila was many years from 1970’s to 90’s as board member in the Finnish Society for Quality, 1984-87 President of the Finnish Society for Quality and from 1998 Honorary Member of the Society.
He was the Chairman of the technical programme committee of EOQ'93 Helsinki World Quality Congress sponsored by EOQ, ASQ and JUSE.
After retiring in 2003 from Sonera Corporation from the position of Vice President Quality integration Mr. Anttila has been an independent expert – Venture Knowledgist, Quality Integration.
Quality challenges to the startups

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