About 16th ANQ Congress 2018

Established in 2002, Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) is Asia’s leading non-governmental regional organization aimed at promoting the progress of science and technology, developing industry and improving people’s quality of life.

It includes more than 20 countries in Asia, including: India, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Japan and others. The founder of ANQ is Honorary Professor of the University of Tokyo – Noriaki Kano.

As part of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ), annual congresses are held where the best practices in the field of quality management are presented. As part of Congress, there are contests for the Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA Award) and ARE-QP (ANQ Recognition for Excellence in Quality Practice) recognized by Asian Organization for quality of outstanding achievements for best practices in the field of quality.

Prizes are awarded for an outstanding achievements in quality management, in personnel management, for social responsibility and for quality of products. Getting award by the applicant organization means recognition at the international level in Asian countries.

Since its establishment in 2002, ANQ annual Congress has become an effective platform for establishing international relations, strengthening and activating its contacts, expanding the potential client base, exchanging of information and expanding of training experience among delegates. Delegates will learn more methods and tools, will get free access to exchange of successful ideas and experience that they can implement in their organizations.

In the current year 2018, KOQIM is conducting the 16th ANQ Congress 2018 in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. KOQIM invites on that occasion all supervisors of the state and private organizations, quality experts, entrepreneurs, practitioners and academicians from different parts of the world such as South Asia, Japan, China, Iran, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea to participate in the Congress to discuss and promote quality in Asia and the world as a whole.

We hope that your participation will create a new vision in different fields of science, introduce new knowledge and methods of quality management not only for Kazakhstan, but for the whole world. This Congress is an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange the best experience of different countries, meet outstanding personalities, professionals and researchers in the field of quality as well as enjoy the fabulous scenic beauty of the pearl of Kazakhstan Almaty, traditional culture and unique hospitality of Kazakhstan.

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