Азиатский Конгресс Качества «АNQ 2018» | 16th ANQ Congress 2018

Asian Congress of Quality "ANQ 2018"

The opportunity to meet with experts and scientists of the world level is the modern methodology and best practices, as well as valuable experience in the field of quality management for Kazakhstani specialists!»

Preparatory work for the one of the most significant events in the field of quality of the current year - the Asian Congress "ANQ 2018».

As is known, Asian Congress of Quality is an annual event, conducted under the auspices of the Asian network quality ANQ. This year, organizers are Kazakhstan organization of quality and innovation management (Kokimi) with the support of the Asian network quality (ANQ), NPP "Atameken", Committee for Technical Regulation and metrology MIR RK. Organizing and sponsoring the event has China quality organization and a number of companies in China, United Arab Emirates, South Korea.

Traditionally this event takes stock of the past year, marked achievements in the field of quality management, outlined prospects, heard reports of reputable scientists and world experts,. outlined prospects, awarded to the best specialists, who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of philosophy and the quality of the ideas in the countries of the Asian region.

And most importantly - the Congress gets any country of an excellent platform for the exchange of valuable experience, Relationship with advanced methodologies and best practices in the promotion of quality management.

About the Congress of the importance of events for Kazakh leaders, quality professionals says Chairman ANQ, Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee, Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov.

ANQ – Asian Organization for Quality was established in 2002godu by a group of national organizations in the field of Japanese quality, South Korea, China, India and several other countries.

Its current members are the National Organization for Quality of 17 Asian. The most active work of the executive committee members, representing, Apart from the above countries, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan and Taiwan.

The aim of ANQ are as follows:

  1. Improving the quality of life through the introduction of modern quality management systems, the development of scientific research in the sphere of production, Finance, Transport and Communications, education, health care, etc..
  2. Development of production quality and competitiveness of domestic goods and services on the basis of excellence in quality management, business excellence, benchmarking, Innovation, etc.. modern approaches to management sphere.
  3. Advocating a new quality philosophy in order to create in organizations and society, modern culture of quality, commitment to the use of advanced methodologies and their practical application.

To implement these tasks ANQ has established a number of committees - such, as, eg, training and certification of staff committee, of premiums, etc. The Committee. Committees quite successfully implement their tasks and are actively developing. Constantly increasing number of publications on quality issues under the auspices of ANQ annual congresses. Growing popularity of ANQ awards.

Currently ANQ is a rapidly developing organization, has good prospects for further development.

Winners Ishikawa-Kano Award Prize, named after the two Asian "gurus" quality - Kaoru Ishikawa and Noriaki Kano awarded for significant contribution to the development of the quality management system.

The main feature of the Congress

This event is held in Kazakhstan for the first time, which means – for the first time in our country will gather high level professionals, who work in the field of quality management, certification, standardization, metrology, models of Excellence, benchmarking, that is, the main directions, which are the basis for solving the basic problems of quality. Almaty will come well-known scientists, world-class experts and specialists and representatives of organizations and institutions, who are interested in the exchange of best, best practices, valuable knowledge and relevant information. Therefore, for our staff it is very important to get the opportunity to meet with these people - these high-level professionals, hear from their lips the most valuable information in the field of quality today. It is very important and will be meeting with his counterparts from different regions of Kazakhstan, from other countries of the Asian region.

The Congress traditionally make presentations and master classes of professionals in the field of quality all over the world and all sectors of the economy and social sphere. They are scientists, who participated in many international fora for many years, congresses, symposiums as key speakers and established themselves as professionals of the highest level. Their reports are always devoted to the most pressing problem of the quality management. All of them – author of numerous books, unreleased in different countries, and it is widely known as the author of publications on topical themes in the periodical quality and specialized press. Acquainted with them, listen to their live reports will be very useful for Kazakhstani managers and specialists, who want to improve their competitiveness and their enterprises, and products, to achieve its recognition abroad and contribute to the overall progress of the economy of Kazakhstan.

I note, Congress usually held for two days. In the first half of the first day is traditionally held plenary session, which are the key speakers, in the afternoon the Congress members continue to work in sections, that they are interested in.

The second day also takes place in the breakout sessions, devoted to consideration of actual problems of quality management. The final plenary session will be held in the afternoon, which summed up the two days of the Congress. Are awarded the best reports, winners of various competitions, ANQ announced in preparation for the Congress.


traditional competition, which is held on the eve of the Congress - a ceremony of rewarding the Asian Award for Excellence in Quality. The International Jury carefully examines the application of the best national companies, evaluate their work on a number of criteria and already in Congress is their award. In addition, there is the individual and rewarding outstanding individuals - scientists, experts and specialists, made a great contribution to the theory and practice of quality management mezhdunarodnmi quality award: «Ishikawa-Kano Award» и «ANQ Recognition for Excellence in Quality Practice».

Besides, at the Congress of the authors of the best papers will be awarded, their work will be evaluated in the course of the event.

Young people should learn quality!

It should be noted, in preparation for the Congress ANQ Board pays particular attention to the participation of young scientists and specialists, as well as students. This is to ensure, to Kazakh youth as early as possible to take part of such large-scale international forums. Young professionals and scientists need to gain experience of public speaking in front of an international audience of influential. I note, that at the previous Asian Congress of their work has always involved a lot of young artists from Japan, China, South Korea and other countries in the region - and this is a good prerequisite for the professional development of young scientists and specialists. I stress, as the price for participation in the international event of this level ( and its preparation is worth a very serious financial costs) accessible enough - they are much lower than for participation in similar European forums or congresses, held in the US. what, by the way, seriously limits the participation of many foreign young professionals.

Provide a high level

I stress, holding that Congress is costly, But this is not a commercial event, and the high costs associated with the rental of halls and rooms, special equipment, manufacturing and supplying promotional products, awards, accommodation Congress participants to live and to create all conditions for many participants, The cultural program, and so the organizers of events of this level has always appealed to sponsors, to reduce the financial burden on participants. In this regard, the Congress Organizing Committee has also established the appropriate category of sponsorship - Platinum, Gold and Silver Level. In accordance therewith Congress sponsors will have the appropriate privileges for itself and benefits. Introducing the appropriate means, they help to ensure a high level of the event.

Kazakhstan - should be of high quality!

AND, of course, we wanted to take advantage of this event not only for the study of the quality of experience of Asian countries, but also to show some progress in this direction Kazakhstan. Of course we would like, and a detailed account of our republic, our work, Besides the foreign participants of the Congress will get an idea of ​​the culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan, our history. therefore, I think, on return they will have a complete picture of our state, which will in the future to successfully establish economic, trade, cultural ties between the organizations in these countries and Kazakhstan.

Take this opportunity to, I would like to invite to participate in the Congress leading local companies, the winners of national competitions «Altyn Sapa" and "Best Product of Kazakhstan". It is here that their leaders and experts will be able to gain invaluable experience, which will help them in the further development and improvement of production, improve the competitiveness and quality of services. those companies, who have expressed a desire to participate in the Congress, as well as in the competition for the Asian quality awards, may submit an application to the Organizing Committee, formed on the basis of Kazakhstan Organization of Quality and Innovation Management (Kokimi)

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